jinni speak: A pronunciation guide

The jinn language, kada (KAH-dah) can be a little tricky for our human tongues. Hopefully this pronunciation guide will help you with the names and words in the jinn language. This will be updated as new books in the series come out. Note: capital letters are the stressed part of the word or name.

I’ve also included translations of Kada words and expressions, as well as a small dictionary of Arabic terms used in the novel.

Jinni: GEE-nee

Jinn: GIN

Character Names

Nalia: NAH-lee-uh
Malek: MAL-ick
Raif: RAY-f
Leilan: lay-LAHN
Zanari: zuh-NAHR-ee
Jordif: JOR-diff
Bashil: buh-SHEEL
Calar: cuh-LAHR
Haran: huh-RAHN
Dthar: d-THAHR

The Jinn Castes

Djan: JAN
Shaitan: shy-TAN
Marid: mah-RID
Ifrit: if - REET
Aisouri: ass-sore-EE

The Jinn Gods and Goddesses*

Grathali (gruh-THAL-i): Goddess of wind, honored by the Shaitan.

Tirgan (teer-GAHN): God of earth, honored by the Djan.

Lathor (luh-THOR): Goddess of water, honored by the Marid.

Ravnir (RAV-neer): God of fire, honored by the Ifrit.

*The Ghan Aisouri worship all four gods, as they can channel all four elements

Words in Kada and Their Meanings

Bisahm (bee-ZAH-m) Magical shield used to cover an area in order to prevent jinn from evanesceing into it.

Chiann (chee-AHN)The magical energy force that all jinn possess.

Evanesce / Evanescence This is the same word in English, but used differently. When a jinn travels by smoke, they evanesce. The smoke itself is called evanescence.

Gaujuri (GOW-jer-ee): Hallucinogenic drug used in Arjinna.

Gharoof (gah-ROOF)Term of endearment for children. Translates as "little rabbit."

Hahm'a lah (hAHM-ah-lah) The magic of true names, whereby jinn can contact one another psychically

’jai (j-eye)Endearment used among family members, a suffix, as in Nalia-jai.

Keftuhm (KEF-toom) Blood waste. Term given to male offspring of the Ghan Aisouri.

Niba (NEE-bah) The jinn currency

Pardjin (PAR-gin) Someone who is half jinn, half human; seen as abomination by the jinn

Rohifsa (roe-hEEF-sah): Jinn word for “soulmate” that translates as song of my heart.

Salfit (SAL-feet)Derrogatory term used by the lower castes when referring to Shaitan and Ghan Aisouri jinn, who mostly reside in the mountians. Literal Translation: “goat fucker.”

Savri (SAH-vree)The favorite drink of the jinn, a spicey wine with hints of cardammom.

Sha'a Rho (shah-ah-roe)Ghan Aisouri martial art, with similarities to yoga, tai chi, and kung fu

Skag (SKAG) Insult used for any caste, male or female. Loosely translates to "motherfucker."

Tavrai (tuh-VR-EYE) members of the jinn resistance, similar to “comrade”

Voiqhif (v-wahKEEF) A psychic power similar to remote viewing. Very rare among the jinn.

Widr (wi-dEER)Arjinnan tree, similar to a weeping willow. Has silver leaves.

Common Expressions in Kada

Jahal'alund (JUH-hahl-uh-loond)Gods be with you. Typical jinn greeting.

Shundai (sh-oon-dEYE) Thank you.

Kajastriya vidim (kuh-JAH-stree-yuh / vih-DEEM): Light to the revolution. Expression used among jinn revolutionaries, as a toast or battle call.

Faqua celique (FAH-kwah / seh-LEEK) Only the stars know. Expression used when the future is uncertain.

Hala Shalinta (HAH-la / SH-ah-lin-tah) Gods forgive me.

Hala Mashinita (HAH-la / mah-shi-NEET-ah) Gods save me.

Arabic Phrases

Hayati (hai-YAH-tee): My life: used as a term of endearment.

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