Peeta and Gus Ain't Got Nothin' on Josh Mitchell: Sex and the One-Legged Boy


There is nothing more awkward than having your husband come home to find you watching a YouTube video of a dude taking off his prosthetic leg. Even though I knew I was doing research for my novel, I’ll Meet You There, and he knew I was doing the research, it still looked bad. I mean, it was no secret I’d fallen head over heels for Josh, the Marine in my novel. Clearly I was in a place where the lack of leg wasn’t necessarily a mood killer. So I couldn’t help but feel a little dirty, like I was some kind of Internet Peeping Tom at worst, a girl foraying into the kinky, at best. But even before my husband came in, I kept looking over my shoulder like the creep I’d become. I couldn’t write an amputee love interest without knowing how prosthetics worked, I got that. But there are few things more intimate than watching a stranger take off their leg, and my paranoia kicked in, me imagining scenarios in which I’d get caught: the feds would come in with a warrant for I-don’t-know-what, my neighbor would want a cup of sugar, my friend would stop by for a drink.

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